Mark Chao, Bai Jingting’s The Ordinary Glory releases stills and trailer

The official remake of hit K-drama Misaeng, The Ordinary Glory stars Mark Chao as the workaholic team leader who takes the intern Sun Yiqiu (Bai Jingting) under his wing.

The screenwriter reportedly spent two years familiarising him(her)self with the finance sector before writing the script, and and has made reference to over a dozen real-life cases. The 42 episode drama is helmed by Lv Xing (Burning Ice) and is almost complete with filming.

Each character still also comes with a word that describes their personalities:

Introspective: Wu Kezhi (Mark Chao)

Explorer: Sun Yiqiu (Bai Jingting)

Determined: An Qianyu (Qiao Xin)

Probing: Hao Shuai (Wei Daxun)

Encouraging: Yu Wenli (Zuo Xiaoqing)

Attentive: Jiang Nan (Liu Chang)

Confident: Gao Sicong (Pang Hanchen)

Preoccupied: Jin Yuming (Zhang Zixian) – Wu Kezhi’s right-hand man.

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