Trailers and stills have been released for the movie version of Cry Me A Sad River 悲伤逆流成河. Unlike the drama version, the film seems like it’s going to be a relatively faithful adaption of Guo Jingming’s source novel, which delves into bullying/peer victimisation, rape, teen pregnancy STD’s, and suicide. The movie has cast completely new actors Zhao YingboRen Min, Xin Yunlai, Zhang Ruonan and Zhu Danni as leads.

Translation of selected excerpts: (1)(2) | Teaser  | Theme song by Rocket Girls’ Sunnee | Insert song by Ren Suxi


The movie is helmed by novelist turned director Luoluo (The Last Women Standing), and hits cinemas on September 21st.

Qi Ming

Yi Yao

Gu Senxi

Gu Senxiang

Tang Xiaomi

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  1. I actually really want to watch this … the trailers all look really interesting and I read thye shifted the focus to anti-bullying. Too bad it’s not screening in the US.

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