Ad Campaign Round-up: Ni Ni for Tiffany & Co.

Ni Ni joins Elle Fanning in the Chinese version of the Moon River ad for Tiffany & Co. Here’s a collection of Ni Ni’s ads over the years for the jewelry company, from cute to elegant to rocker.

I just want to personally thank Tiffany & Co. for sponsoring beautiful Ni Ni photoshoots like this, this, this,  this, this  and events that allowed for pictures like this gorgeous photo of Ni Ni in the rain.


#NiNi #beautiful

Here’s last year’s artsy campaign about finding yourself among the business of New York:

#NiNi #adorable

Here’s another Tiffany ad that forgoes the pastel cuteness and instead sells jewelry for rockers, because Ni Ni has more range in ads than most actors in roles.


#NiNi #Handsome

Also this mini-ad for the Paper Flowers Collection:

#NiNi #Gorgeous

And this other ad with Elle at the end is so gorgeous:

Paper Flowers/ Moon River campaign:

Follow your heart campaign outtakes:

Love in the Moment campaign:

Follow your heart campaign:

I think this might just be a side photoshoot while on a Tiffany’s trip:

This freckles look is amazing on her campaign:

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