Cast of Ruyi recreates vintage Qing dynasty photos

False history: The concubines scheming to overthrow the emperor together.

Photographer Yin Chao used  wet plate processing and large format cameras to recreate vintage Qing-dynasty looks for currently streaming series Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace.   (FYI The camera was invented after Qianlong’s death, but there are definitely photos of later Qing dynasty harems) . Watch the series starring Zhou Xun and Wallace Huo on Youtube here.

3 thoughts on “Cast of Ruyi recreates vintage Qing dynasty photos

  1. This is so beautiful and you’d easily mistake these for old photos. My only gripe is that unlike in real pictures of harems and women in the court, as they tend to do with all historically based media internationally, the actresses are thinner and slightly more attractive/model like than how most of the actual women back then looked in the photos. Apparently they couldn’t confirm to the beauty standards of Qing Dynasty completely, only the modern standards are acceptable.

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