Battle Through the Heaven Cast photoshoot

What a fangirl would give to be that tree between Wu Lei and Baron Chen

The cast of  Battle Through the Heavens / Fights Break Sphere 斗破苍穹, including Wu Lei, Baron Chen, Li Qin, Su Qing, Carmen Lee, and X-Nine’s Wu Jiacheng, Gu Jiacheng, and Peng Chuyue,  posed for a more modern (aka Chen Man-like) promo shoot for the series.

The series is currently available for streaming on Youtube here.

X-Nine also sings the catchy ending song.

Su Qing, Li Qin, Wu Lei, and Carman Lee.


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  1. The images are really ethereal. Baron Chen looks especially dashing – he looks like he jumped out from a fantasy-themed illustration :D

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