Ni Ni beautiful in more costumes from The Rise of Phoenixes

Here are some more costume profiles of Ni Ni being beautiful and/or handsome in The Rise of Phoenixes.

The Art Deco X Tang Dynasty aesthetic I didn’t know I needed
I actually dislike everything about this outfit and hairdo but her smile is so cute.
My boyfriend Wei Zhi
Queen of the mountains  cc:/ White-haired Maiden 
At work as the emperor’s scribe


9 thoughts on “Ni Ni beautiful in more costumes from The Rise of Phoenixes

  1. Ni Ni and Chen Kun are too beautiful for words :’)
    Surprisingly, 70 episodes seems too short. I heard that netflix will be broadcasting the full 100 episodes so I will probably check that out even though I don’t need subs.

    • I’m just curious, can we really have the full 100 episodes ? Do you have a reliable source confirming this? Chinese fans have been clamoring for the 100 episodes version for sometimes…. which I don’t know if it’s even possible or not, since apparently they had to cut down to 70 episodes to pass censorship so how could they have sold the full 100 episode overseas?

      • What I have read is that the copy sold overseas was not censored. Nobody knows whether or not Netflix will cut scenes, but chinese fans seem hopeful that it will be left intact. All we have left is hope especially considering how hunantv butchered it.

        • Goodness, I hope you are right. Not only did the broadcast station butcher it with the editing, the censorship affected certain parts of the story as well. It’s miserable to see such a fine piece of work getting such treatment ….

  2. You guys have to check this out…it’s easily one of the best dramas to come out of China. It’s thoughtfully, beautifully shot and acted, the storyline while slower, is intense, gripping. If you don’t need subs, check it out on iQiyi. If you need subs, be sure to check it out on Netflix on September 14th!!! It’s different from the novel but I think in a good way. There’s more of a sense of the conflicted complexity of humanity. What are you waiting for, GO AND WATCH THIS!!!!!

    • I can’t seem to get access on Iqiyi. You wouldn’t happen to be in the states would you? I guess maybe I can only view it on Netflix?

      • The unblock youku chrome extension works for me, but sometimes I have to uninstall and reinstall it. Make sure you check the reviews too see if it’s the correct one though. There are a lot of shady extensions that look similar.

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