Photoshoot round-up: couples

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Here are some recent photoshoots of people being cute together,  featuring Ma Sichun X Jing BoranWu Lei X Chun Xia, Zhang Tian’ai X Huang Zitao, Zhao Wei X Alec Su,  Wu Jinyan Xu Kai, Zhang Yuxi Kenji Chen, and Zhu Zhiling X Li Gengxi.   Which couple has the most chemistry?

Wu Lei and Chun Xia by Zack Zhang Yue.



Jing Boran X Ma Sichun, who’ll be playing opposite each other in upcoming Lou Ye film Hell Lover 地狱恋人

Zhang Yuxi X Kenji Chen Borong , couple in real-life and in My Little Princess

Zhao Wei X Alec Su 

Zhang Tian’ai and Huang Zitao  by Zack Zhang:


Wu Jinyan X Xu Kai of The Story of Yanxi Palace


Li Gengxi X Zhu Zhiling from My Classmate from Far, Far Away

3 thoughts on “Photoshoot round-up: couples

  1. Didn’t know that Sandra and Jing Boran have another movie together! (This time as love interests?). Apparently Hell Lover was supposed to be released in 2016/2017 but got shelved because of Edison Chen’s scandal. Can hardly wait to see it!

  2. Wu Lei and Chun Xia look so adorable; Alec and Zhao Wei bring back SO many memories and they look so happy and comfortable together because they’re such good friends!
    Wu Jin Yan’s like one of my new favs, so I adore her and her coupling with Xu Kai’s character in Yanxi…BUT Xu Kai actually looks better half bald imo…

    • Haha everyone’s been saying that about Xu Kai apparently. Oddly I think he looks good with the little pony updo thing he’s been doing recently. He has really nice features though and they have good chemistry.

      Zhang Yuxi is so skinny my god.

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