Zhang Ziyi, Wu Xiubo, Xu Zheng sign on as judges for season two of acting variety show

The controversial acting variety show I Am An Actor 我就是演员 (previously Birth of a Performer) is back for a second season. Zhang Ziyi is the only remaining judge from the first season, and is joined by dependable uncle actors Wu Xiubo (The Advisors Alliance) and Xu Zheng (Dying to Survive). The variety show airs every Saturday night on Zhejiang TV beginning tomorrow.

This gorgeous promo features Zhang Ziyi looking back on her characters (Wu Xiubo, Xu Zheng):

Actors who have signed on as competitors so far include: Qin Lan, Ren Suxi, Zuo Xiaoqing, Kan Qingzi, Xu Jiao, Du Chun, Song Yang, Hu Xianxu, Janine Chang, Xu Lu, Zhang Xinyu, Wang Yuanke and Yang Rong.

Competitors are scored after a short stage performance, and the winner advances to the next round after successfully challenging their chosen coach. Unlike the previous season, this time the mini-movies will be helmed by well-known directors Chen Kaige (Legend of the Demon Cat), Cao Baoping (The Dead End) and Ann Hsu (Our Time Will Come).

Writers He Yiping (Madam White Snake 1992), Zhang Ji (American Dreams in China, Dearest), Shen Jie (White Deer Plain, Feather Flies to the Sky) and Liu Lianzi (Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace) will also be participating in the program.

Season 1 was extremely popular due to all the drama and fan wars that occurred outside the show, but it was definitely a good promotional platform for good actors who lacked the media exposure (e.g. Peng Yuchang, Xin Zhilei).

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  1. Watched a bit of the first season this January and really enjoyed it! It was cool seeing classic scenes from TV shows and movies, performed on a stage in front of a live audience – the stage performances felt different, more raw than the originals in a way.

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