Look at these beautiful people attending a party for Elle China’s 30th birthday party.  The event is somewhere up high in Shanghai, but it’s not like you can tell from the photos since they just used two fake skies as a backdrop.

Guests include  Ni Ni, Li Yuchun, Yang Mi, Tang Yan, Angelababy, Song Qian, Bai Baihe, Liu Wen, Zhang Zilin, Wang Junkai, Lin Yanjun, Mao Buyi, Xu Weizhou, and the casts of Meteor Garden, The Story of Yanxi Palace, and Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace. There are others at the event but I only included people who got an official photo from Elle and a few notable looks. Which ones are your favorites?

Elle Cover Girls. I like how Li Yuchun is just like, nope, not doing that weird heart thing.

Ni Ni  brought her own photographer
Seriously this is a better photo than 95% of magazine covers from Elle China.
Cast of Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace
The cast of The Story of Yanxi Palace
Yang Mi and her boys
Li Yuchun’s Alexander Wang is probably my favorite outfit, with a cheongsam-like top but a hanfu-like belt.
Cast of F3/4 from Meteor Garden
Leading ladies Angelababy, Yang Mi, and Ni NI

Ni Ni


Song Qian

Wang Junkai


Pei Bei



Here’s a bonus Ni Ni look from a Tiffany & Co.  event later that same night:

Only Ni Ni can wear pink lace and green velvet and still look  like a queen.


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  1. Ni Ni’s photos look like magazine pictorials. She looks stunning and commanding at the same time 😊

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