100 % ready to ship these two. Just look at how cute they both are.

Potentially thanks to the newly-found stardom of Zhu Yilong, Promising you a fleeting and dreamlike life 许你浮生若梦 (literal trans.) , a romance of three lifetimes with An Yuexi, is finally airing!  The series streams on Youku on the 7th and on Youtube on the 12th. 

Here’s the two’s duet / theme song:

And here’s the final trailer:

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3 thoughts on “Zhu Yilong, An Yuexi duet for upcoming romance series”

  1. I’m going to watch this alongside Bai Yu’s “Suddenly This Summer” :) I really liked Zhu Yilong and An Yuexi’s duet – they have the range and got the feelings right 😊

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