Yang Yang by Wei Lai

Potentially his best magazine profile shot since his photoshoot with Liu Yifei?

Actor Yang Yang is captured by Wei Lai in what is actually a car ad posing as an editorial, but I’ll take what I can get of his pretty face.
Yang Yang’s Martial Universe is currently streaming, and he was recently on Happy Camp last week.  Also watch his recent ads for Lay’s, Pepsi, and this car.


7 thoughts on “Yang Yang by Wei Lai

  1. He’s gorgeous, but his dramas are not doing that great. Chinese media dismisses him as one of those high paid idols with poor acting skills.

    • right… it’s a shame. Honestly I don’t think it’s so much that his acting is ‘bad’ but more that he just seems to choose roles that don’t suit him. He doesn’t have the experience to challenge himself yet, personally think he should stick to roles he can do and build from there.

      • True. I think he was pretty good portraying an eccentric aspiring inventor in the movie “I Belonged to You”, diffetent from his usual near-perfect characters.

      • I was actually quite impressed by his performance in The Left Ear. Couldn’t help giggling when I read some netizens complaining why he’s such a jerk in that movie LOL

    • Yang Yang is being typecasted in these idol dramas. He really needs to branch out to other types of drama in order to shed his “idol” image.

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