Promo Round-up: Buried City To Shut All Lights


I have no idea what the depressing English title means, but the Chinese one means “Until the fog clears and the rain ends”, which is fitting since the whole series seems to be shot in fog.

He Landou may seemed like a child just a few months ago as the expressive young lead in Moonshine and Valentine, but the 18-year-old is already debuting in her first another adult lead role this week.  She plays a young disciple seeking revenge for her family, but also falls in love with her master in this foggy, dreamlike-toned series.     Buried City To Shut All Lights 等到烟暖雨收 also stars Feng Lijun, Liu Zeting, Yu Zixuan, Ding Xiangnan, and Wu Heng, none of whom I’ve heard of before. It airs on iQiyi on September 3rd.



8 thoughts on “Promo Round-up: Buried City To Shut All Lights

  1. I’m not entirely certain I’m able to separate this foggy, shot-through-a-diaphanous-scarf aesthetic from US soap operas from the 90s (I had to practice my English somehow, shut up), but I’ll try.

  2. I like the Chinese translation better since it has this ephemeral feeling and it fits the plot more. The costumes are stunning!

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