Photoshoot Round-up: Actresses over 50

These Chinese actresses over 50 are timelessly beautiful no matter what their age

Last time I posted the photoshoot of over 40 celebs together, a couple of you guys mentioned being in interested in photos of celebsover 40, so here it is featuring Gong Li, Kara Hui, Jiang Wenli, Vivian Wu Junmei, Carina Lau, and Joan Chen. I did 50+ instead of 40+  because there was simply too many otherwise.

Gong Li by Feng Hai

The actress will play the antagonist witch (shaman?) in Disney’s live-action Mulan. She also recently finished filming director Lou Ye’s Lyceum Theatre, where she stars as a famous actress in 1941 Shanghai opposite Mark Zhao and Joe Odagiri.

Kara Hui By Leslie Zhang

The latest Golden Horse Best Actress winner has been a darling of magazines.

Joan Chen by Fan Xin

Joan Chen is currently directing film English 英格力士. She guest stars in currently-airing period drama Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace.


Vivian Wu Junmei by Liang Hengyi

Wu Junmei stars in currently-airing period drama Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace. She’s also in dark comedy Dead Pigs 海上浮城 by director Cathy Yan (who’s directing the Harley Quinn / Birds of Prey ensemble film).

Jiang Wenli by Luo Yang
Jiang Wenli will star in upcoming drama A Simple Woman Under the Zhengyang Gate 正阳门下小女人.

Carina Lau by Yin Chao

Carina plays sisters with Jiang Xin in the upcoming Eighteen Springs adaptation, but she should really play a steampunk mob boss.

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  1. Joan Chen is such a fundamental badass in that second shoot. Though there’s plenty of badassery on display, here. She has such a great smile!

    For some reason, Wu Junmei’s “new look” pose makes me giggle. I’ve been browsing vintage sewing patterns lately (don’t ask, I don’t *know* why), and she looks like one of those drawings on the covers. The ones you know no one ever looked like upon making the darned dress. Except Wu Junmei, apparently.

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