Eagles and Youngsters airs today

Part  tomb-raiding  and part-nature adventure,   Eagles and Youngsters 天坑鹰猎 airs today on Youku and Youtube(?).  The series  is based on the book of the same name by author Tianxia Bachang of Candle in the Tomb fame.

This will be the first big-budget leading role for the two teenage leads, popular idol Wang Junkai and Golden Horse Best Supporting actress Chen Wenqi. They’re joined by Jiang Yiyi, Zheng Hao, and Ye Xiaowei.

trailer 1; Trailer 2; trailer 3 ; final trailer:


4 thoughts on “ Eagles and Youngsters airs today

  1. Comparing TianXiaBaChang vs NanPaiSanShu’s novel adaptations, TXBC dramas seems more majestic and with better quality. Unfortunately, his style is not my cup of tea. I prefer NPSS’ non-politically affiliated storytelling style.

      • Nope, but I find Tomb of the Sea to be the best out of all NPSS adaptation so far. So I’m holding on hope for future adaptations. I wish I can get into TXBC’s movies, but they often make me feel stifled and need to take a break from it. Tientsin Mystic was the worst and Weasle’s Grave the least.

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