The Rise of Phoenixes color palettes

pitch black, fairy tea, sea pine, ivory black, rotten leaves, ivory, washed persimmons, skin, silvergrass

Chen Kun’s workshop releases this pretty set of color palettes with traditional Chinese colors for The Rise of Phoenixes. I’ve tried translating a few of the colors literally but gave up because of how I didn’t know how to type half of the colors for some of them, anyone else want to give a try?

Ni Ni in Tiffany Blue.  gif cr: -JIUWA
metal tarnish, water-deep spring onions, light yellow , sky, new bridge, tea white, raw silk, bustard,  color of dawn
pitch black, palm green,  ugyen,eyebrow paint, bamboo green, tea white, raw silk , water, crab-shell jade

2 thoughts on “The Rise of Phoenixes color palettes

  1. If you type the hex color value, you will get the name of the color in English.
    #635f2f is supposed to be ‘deep yellow/deep gold’/Costa del Sol.
    F0DC70 is ‘very light gold’ or Sweet Corn.

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