Crocodile and the Plover Bird 鳄鱼与牙签鸟 stars Zhang Tian’ai as Li Nan’en, a small town girl on exchange in France who has a passion for traditional Chinese culture and buildings. Chen Bolin costars as Zhou Erwen, a stone-faced genius architect who is an advocate for high-tech sustainable architecture.


Like all rom-com couples, Li Nan’en and Zhou Erwen begin as bickering frenemies. She’s a defender of the structural principles of traditional Chinese architecture, while he thinks such theories are useless when it comes to building an eco-friendly sky garden.

Over time, they begin to realise that both theories had their pros and cons, and that the biggest benefits came with incorporating both ideas into the design process. After returning to China, Li Nan’en and Zhou Erwen overcome several challenges in their effort to promulgate the new idea to other studios, and end up making a significant impact on the architecture industry.

DIrected by Lin Yan (Only Side By Side With You) and penned by the writers of Lost Love in Times and its webdrama special, the 40 episode rom-com has been filming since late May.

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