Janice Man combines traditional, modern jewelry designs in Nice To Meet You

Will this be the sleeper ratings hit of 2019 like its prequel?

While 2018’s most viewed idol drama, Because of You 因为遇见你, tells of the combination of modern wedding dress designs and traditional embroidery, its sequel Nice To Meet You 只为遇见你 explores the clashing of traditional Chinese and modern elements in the jewelry world. The sequel stars Janice Man (Tribe and Empires), Zhang Ming’en (Tientsin Mystic), Wei Qianxiang (Prince of Lan Ling), Tang Mengjia (Concubine Meng Arrives), Ma Yashu (Spell of the Fragrance), and Ji Xiaobing (S.C.I.).

Concept trailer below, and plot and stills below the cut:

The series is loosely based on novel 洁身自爱 by Wei Zai, which has the plot below:

After losing everything,  jewelry designer Gao Jie (Janice Man) tries again at a traditional Chinese gold jeweler who is having difficulties making in in the modern era. At the new firm, she sets up a gem department and helps to revamp the company and the jewelry scene by combining the best of both worlds.

I hope they got a sponsor for this because it seems perfect for a product placement, and they would actually have pretty jewelry versus it’s prequel’s not-so-pretty dresses. Chow Tai Fook, for example, has a collaboration with the Forbidden City that has a few pretty pieces like this.


5 thoughts on “Janice Man combines traditional, modern jewelry designs in Nice To Meet You

  1. Her acting is actually horrible, she single handedly ruined all the scenes she was in in tribes and empires. She’ll ruin this one too.

  2. Tbh, the concept trailer itself looks like a product ad or commercial. It’s kind of weird and jarring.

  3. She’s looking pretty tight with both of those guys! Usually, you can tell right away whose the Male Lead just from the posters.

    • Which posters are you looking at? I think there’s only one guy she’s “hugging”/close to in the posters? They all look like Zhang Ming En to me. (maybe he’s playing twins? I didn’t really pay attention to the synopsis lol).

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