No, not those Transformers. More like reverse animorphs. Urban fantasy series Bureau of Transformers has Wang Ziwen and Chen He working for an agency in charge of regulating transformers, or animal-looking aliens aka yaoguai that can also transform into humans. Wang Ziwen is an agent of the agency, while Chen He is a human veterinarian that got roped in . Together they must solve a series of cases while trying to maintain the delicate balance between the human and transformer worlds. The series is a spin-off of Hanson and the Beast, which I thought had a great premise that deserves to be flushed out more.

I’m Mary Poppins, y’all.
Plungers and umbrellas are always my weapons of choice.

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7 thoughts on “Wang Ziwen, Chen He star in Hanson and the Beast spinoff Bureau of Transformers”

  1. That picture with the plunger and umbrella reminds me of “If there is a zombie apocalypse, the first thing u grab is ur weapon” Great choices there 🤔

  2. Ooh that seems very interesting! I love shapeshifters so anything like that I have to check out. Checking out Hanson and the Beast as well!

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