Horror thriller series Madhouse is getting mad reviews

Horror thriller series Madhouse 疯人院 is getting mad reviews, but I still have no idea what it’s about or if it’s good or not because I heard it’s scary and I’m a scaredy cat. It stars Liu Chang, Lu Shan, Mei Ting, and Liu Mintao.

The posters and episode titles sounds great though, my favorites are Spontaneous Human Combustion and Walking Specimens. The later sounds like a blockbuster horror film title.  Watch it on Youtube here.

2 thoughts on “Horror thriller series Madhouse is getting mad reviews

  1. I’m watching this with a very limited knowledge of the language.
    On Douban it’s 7.8 right now.
    The acting is quite good, the writing is interesting and creative but not efficient 100% of the time, the directing is good for this kind of drama, the edition could be better, the visual effects are pretty good and the cinematography is well done. I like the lighting and natural looks on the screen.
    The drama is not really scary.
    I wish I knew the language better to enjoy more.
    Liu Chang played the second male lead in Dilireba’s drama “Flame’s Daughter”, I must say that his acting is so much better now and his acting is really many steps ahead of Dilireba who is a very weak actress. I’ve seeing people complain about his diction and accent.

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