Nanjing Girls: Ni Ni, Hai Qing, Yang Zishan, Mei Ting, Bonnie Chen

Actresses Ni Ni, Hai Qing, Yang ZIshan, Mei Ting, and model Bonnie Chen brings us to their childhoods in Nanjing in this series of photos by Nanjing-born photographer Yin Chao.

I only really made this post for this cute BTS photo of Ni Ni eating watermelon.

Ni Ni’s Nanjing by Yu Cong

Ni Ni took us and her parents to revisit her middle school, from the road to school to a small hole-in-the-wall restaurant next to it. Her drama debut, The Rise of Phoenixes  , aired yesterday and she’s beautiful in it. 

Mei Ting takes us to her old dance studio. She also stars in The Rise of Phoenixes along with Ni Ni.


Hai Qing takes us to her childhood-home-turned-museum because apparently she came from a really prominent music and theatre family.


Yang Zishan takes us to an old dock and a non defunct train station.

Bonnie Chen and her dad revisits their neighborhood food market.


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