Music Monday: Boybands and girlbands are back!

Awaken-F’s summer photoshoot

Thanks to variety shoes Idol Producer and 101 , there’s once more popular boybands and girls outside of TF boys again. Here are some recent MV’s from some of the bigger ones, including Rocket Girls, NEXT, Awaken-F, Sing girlband,   and a few solos from Nine Percent and M.I.C. boyband.   .

On the girl group side, Chinese-styled EDM group released their latest single Night of Music  夜笙歌 with inspirations from Southeast China. I wish they would release a MV for “Accidentally Time-travelled to Ancient Times一不小心到古代” because that’s probably my favorite song from them after 寄明月.

NEXT’s first MV, Wait a Minute, is a catchy pop acid trip, while  Awaken-F’s new song is a folk ballad.  I think the thing that surprised me the most is that both actually have great Chinese lyrics that also flows well with the music,  something that’s often lacking in more kpop-styled Chinese boyband songs (ex. all of X-Nine‘s recent stuff).

Awaken-F has had several songs out, but this one’s probably my favorite for its zhonggongfeng.

Rocket Girls‘s Calories 卡路里 is catchy and fun if you need a picker-upper while you exercise: Since everyone from Yuehua left, it’ll be their only 11-member MV.

M.I.C. is half-broken up, but here’s the first single from Steelo Zhao Yongxin’s new album.  You can buy it on itunes here. The song is co-written by Yaoband’s Zhang Jinghao and it’s very obvious.

Steelo’s other single, Rare Guest 稀客, sounds more signaturely him. How dare he blowdry someone else’s hair after doing it to Jianci in Ladybro.

A bunch of the technically now in a girlband/boyband but really will be solo artists have also released their solos soon after joining their respective bands, such as Cai Xukun’s Pull Up, Wang Ziyi’s  AMHDai Aojuan’s Grow Up With MeChen Linong’s Decoding Game theme song, and You Zhangjing’s Legend of Fuyao insert song.


4 thoughts on “Music Monday: Boybands and girlbands are back!

  1. This not a good thing for me, I think boybands and girlbands are like the fast food of the music industry. There’s only a few that are really good and memorable including from all over the world like America and Asia but most are essentially generic music by attractive young people that were manufactured in some sort of record company music factory that’ll be forgotten in a few years. How many people can name all of the groups who were popular just 15 years ago? I love c-pop/mandopop for it’s focus less on looks and idolatry and more on talent and lyrics versus the more internationally popular Asian pop music industries but I think these ‘bands’ getting more popular again within the genre makes it no different than the others and a bit boring.

    • That’s why a few of them are also going the solo route, like the members of Nine Percent. Solo stan culture is big in China, so their management seems to really understand this. 8 out 9 Nine Percent members have released solo music and the other one will release his this month.

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