Themed Martial Hero, this photoshoot by Yu Cong for the architecture magazine Wallpaper is easily my favorite so far of the year. The photos feature model-actress He Sui and disciples and architecture from the Shaolin Temple (in case you’re wondering, although you can become a monk there, most people  there are disciples studying martial arts and not monks).

Like their carefully choreographed   martial arts, I love how each person is so well choreographed into their surrounding yet seems to be performing their tasks flawless in every photo.


Bonus: Aanother Yu Cong cover for Wallpaper that’s one of my all-time favorites:

One thought on “Sinology Sunday: He Sui and the architecture of Shaolin Temple by Yu Cong”

  1. Gorgeous! The composition with He Sui in red with her back against the silhouette of the trainees could totally be an opening shot of an epic movie.

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