Li Bingbing, Jason Statham, and The Meg by Chen Man

Chillin’ among the sharks

Chen Man proves she still nails fun, creative photoshoots with this new promo photoshoot for The Meg’s Jason Statham and Li Bingbing. Winston Chao also plays a leading role, while Mai Hongmei and upcoming Mulan-lead Yoson An make appearances. I watched it and thought it was a passable, fun shark movie with some cool shots. Li Bingbing’s English is still pretty lacking but she definitely has a bigger role than most other token Chinese females in co-productions. The movie is out in theaters in the U.S. and Europe on Thursday August 9 and August 30 in Australia.

Get your popcorn (shrimp) before you become fish food.

I strive to be as calm as Li Bingbing in this photo.

Fish & Chips but you’re the fish.

4 thoughts on “Li Bingbing, Jason Statham, and The Meg by Chen Man

  1. One of the worst movies I’ve ever seen. Bad acting, bad CG, and cringey story full of outdated tropes-actress plays a full on damsel in distress. I don’t know what the producers were thinking when they came up with this film. Save your money, don’t bother with this garbage.

    • It’s getting lots of buzz in American entertainment media on the same level as Sharknado . Never heard of Ruby Rose, but she’s touted as the leading actress.
      Wish Li Bingbing would stop considering it an honor to take part in such crap Hollywood films like Transformers and MEG.

      • Also Guardian of the Lost Tomb that was so bad….why…why she keeps accepting these horrible movie it just really down grade her worth…

        • And does she realize they’re mainly just putting her in these movies as tokens for the Chinese audiences in order to make more money overseas? For American studios China = $$$. So might as well throw in a Chinese actress to get more moviegoers, who cares if her role is minimal and barely a character. We’ll still play it up in China. It’s sad really.

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