The Rise of Phoenixes confirms air date, releases new previews and stills

Chen Kun and Ni Ni’s The Rise of Phoenixes has released two TV spots, a bunch of new stills, and also gotten itself a new native title of 天盛长歌 (lit. The Golden Age of Tiansheng). The 70 episode drama is confirmed to air as a daily drama from August 14th.

I am 95% confident the drama has a sad ending in store for us just based on the last line: “I swear upon my father’s grave that regardless of the circumstance I am in, I shall never marry Ning Yi.”

(The drama is using on-site recording, hence the lack of familiar dubbing voices)

TV Spot #1, New Year’s BTS

Fingers-crossed SARFT doesn’t cancel it at the last minute (Peace in Palace, Peace in Chang’an) or take it off air midway through (The Destiny of White Snake). 

The headgear is…interesting.

I must say, Bai Jingting looks mighty fine as Ni Ni’s stone-faced and over-protective bodyguard.


12 thoughts on “The Rise of Phoenixes confirms air date, releases new previews and stills

  1. Will there be a second season The Rise of Phoenixes? I watched season 1 and it was good. But at the end of that season 1 she kills herself or falls over some cliff.. I love this show and I love the actor. He’s great.

  2. I read the spoiler on shushengbar that the male lead and female lead end up together after many turbulent events. I would like to reconfirm this but the site is not working anymore… so I really hope that line is a red herring.

    • I’ve been meaning to ask, does anyone know what happened to SSB and will it return? Does the site owner have any social media they’ve reached out on?
      Its been a great source for new c novels, hope it doesn’t die away obscurely just like that

  3. Pretty coincidental this airs right after Fuyao ends.
    After Ethan and Yang Mi builds their country, Chen Kun’s dad is gonna destroy it lolol.

    I hope your 95% ending doesn’t come true :( Is the novel ending sad as well?
    Either way I hope this is good; been waiting for it close to two years!

    • The novel takes on the conventional happy ending – after getting Ning Yi’s younger brother to inherit the throne, the leads spend the rest of their lives as ordinary people, and have kids as well (in the special chapters). Ni Ni’s said in an interview that they’ve changed 90% of the story though, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

      • Where are you getting all this information from. So there is going to be a season 2 of this show.. I hope so..

        • Chinese dramas rarely produce sequels or adopt a seasonal format – after filming wraps up, actors and crew members will move on to new productions.

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