Promo Round-up: Martial Universe

Martial Universe 武动乾坤 follows Lin Dong’s (Yang Yang) journey as he levels up to become the most powerful fighter in the land, and protects the world from an attack by the demons. Zhang Tian’ai and Wang Likun play his love interests. It’s also acclaimed historical drama director Zhang Li’s (Ming Dynasty 1566) first attempt at a fantasy drama, so I’m curious to see the outcome.

The 40 episode drama has been split into two parts, and will air in the 10pm time slot from Tuesday to Thursday on Dragon TV beginning tonight. Watch on Youtube here.

Character Previews: Lin DongYing HuanhuanLin LangtianLing Qingzhu
BTS: (1), (2)Art DirectionScript, Directing
Music: Starry Sky by NZBZ

Supporting cast: Zhou Yiwei, Yang Haoyu, Tse Kwan-ho, Li Xinliang, Nan Ji, Gan Yu, Sun Yilin, Ji Dongran, Liu Bo

7 thoughts on “Promo Round-up: Martial Universe

  1. Hello! What do you mean by Martial Universe being split into 2 parts? All 40 episodes will be out by next month, right? Or, are the 40 episodes only for part 1? & thanks for the promo round-up. I have always enjoyed reading them. :)

    • This drama series has a total of 60 episodes. They split it into two parts: part 1 has 40 episodes and part 2 has 20 episodes. Part 1 is currently on air. Not sure if they’ll immediately follow up with part 2 or wait till next year.

  2. I think it’ll do alright but it wouldn’t be soaring high with views. Not a fan of Tian Ai only liked her in Go Princess Go and I Belonged to you but nothing else. Yang Yang hasn’t been picking good projects lately so I’m not sure if I should be optimistic.

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