Song Weilong romances Victoria Song in upcoming rom-com Find Yourself

Find Yourself 资深少女的初恋 is an upcoming drama that focuses on the romance between a thirtysomething white collar worker played by Song Qian (Moonshine and Valentine) and a twentysomething young man played by Song Weilong (Untouchable Lovers).

Designer He Fanxing’s (Song Qian) company is about to be acquired, and her relatively new relationship with Yuan Song (Song Weilong), an intern who is a decade younger, has also been met with much resistance.

Exhausted and frustrated, the arrival of the mature and successful Ye Luming (Wang Yaoqing) is like a godsend to He Fanxing. Though He Fanxing only respects him as a mentor, their close relationship causes the misunderstandings between her and Yuan Song to pile up, eventually leading to a breakup.

I’m not sure how a simple love triangle is going to keep viewers engaged for 40 episodes, but the drama has signed on the writers of the cheesy and cute My Amazing Boyfriend, so I’m hoping for a lighthearted and sweet rom-com.


6 thoughts on “Song Weilong romances Victoria Song in upcoming rom-com Find Yourself

  1. Song Weilong! Been missing him since Untouchable Lovers with Guan Xiao Tong! That drama was great before it devolved into a hot mess when Yu Zheng decided to give the leads a personality transplant (or should I say extraction?). Their characters each had very distinct edge that made them interesting (Him, for his unflappable foresight and intellect. Her, for her tenacity and good sense.) Yu Zheng took it all away during the 2nd half of the show and she became a Mary Sue that needed saving and he became your run-of-the-mill jerkish male lead with a tender heart and soft spot for the female lead.. The fact that their screentimes were reduced and they were effectively relegated to side character status was also a problem…

  2. After Moonlight and Valentine, I don’t automatically groan at the mention of Song Qian. Her pairing up with Song Weilong is fine with me too. But to squeeze in a love triangle with a velvety tuxedo guy. Ugh. No thank you.

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