Promo Round-up: The Evolution of Our Love

Evolution of Our Love is the Mainland remake of In Time With You, and stars Zhang Ruoyun and Zhang Tian’ai in the leading roles. The 40 episode drama begins airing on Dragon TV/Zhejiang TV tonight. [Extended Synopsis]

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Spoiler-ridden trailers:
Zhang Tian’ai & Xu Weizhou (as Ding Liwei / Ding Yuyang)
Zhang Ruoyun & He Hongshan (as Maggie / Qingqing)
Zhang Tian’ai & Zhao Dongze (as the younger assistant)

Opening theme song by Yoga Lin
Ending theme song by Selina Jen
Theme song by Hu Xia

Xu Weizhou as Zhang Tian’ai’s first love:

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  1. I am enjoying this a lot more than I expected and religiously following new eps every day. It helps that this is airing daily too. Zhang Ruo Yun is definitely stealing my heart, he’s so good at his version of Li Da Ren from In Time With You taiwanese version.

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