Promo Round-up: Ashes of Love

Heavy Sweetness, Ash-like Frost / Ashes of Love stars Yang Zi (The Destiny of White Snake) as a deity who initially doesn’t understand the concept of love, and Deng Lun (Sweet Dreams) as a prince of the Heavens who later becomes the demon lord. Luo Yunxi (Paediatrician) rounds out the love triangle as the Night Deity. [Extended Synopsis]

The 60 episode fantasy drama airs daily on Jiangsu TV beginning tomorrow night. On Youtube under Ashes of Love.

It’s also worth noting that Heavy Sweetness is the first period drama to make it onto prime time satellite television this year – perhaps the lack of palace politicking gives it an advantage over other shows.

BTS: (1)Production, Production Design, Costume Design
Music: Ending theme song (MV) by Sa Dingding, Insert song by Mao Buyi, Theme song by Yang Zi & Deng Lun

The Flower World:


Hell (Demon World):

Wang Yifei as Sui He, leader of the bird clan who has an unrequited love for Xu Feng

Chen Yuqi as Liu Qing, princess of the tenth court of Hell and Zou Tingwei as Qi Yuan

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