Ren Jialun, Janine Chang cast as leads in upcoming undercover-cop drama

Never Say Goodbye 不说再见 is an upcoming drama series that stars Ren Jialun (The Destiny of White Snake) as a police officer who is given a dangerous undercover mission. Janine Chang (Here to Heart) plays his love interest Ou Kexin, a wilful fashion designer and the drug kingpin’s daughter.

Three years ago, police officer Liu Yuanwen (Ren Jialun) sends back wrong intelligence, seemingly causing the death of his fiancée and fellow police officer Rong Yu. He also loses a friend in Rong Yao (Liu Enyou), his brother-in-law-to-be and member of the drug task force. Disheartened by all the events, Liu Yuanwen resigns from his position and cuts off all contact.

In the present time, Rong Yao has been promoted to leader of the task force, and is ordered to provide ongoing support and resources to the sole undercover operative in Group K, a drug cartel led by the ‘Spectre’ Mr. Ou. Turns out the undercover Mu Qing is actually Liu Yuanwen, and the pair must work together to bring the criminals to justice.

The 30 episode drama (which will probably be extended by another dozen episodes once filming is complete) is supervised by Zheng Xiaolong (Legend of Zhen Huan, Red Sorghum, Legend of Mi Yue) and directed by Yin Fei (Marry a Husband to Live). 

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