Zhou Dongyu, Yi Yangqianxi confirmed for Soul Mate director’s new film

Loosely based on Jiu Yuexi’s In His Youth, In Her Beauty, the new film from Derek Tsang (Soul Mate) is titled Better Days 少年的你, and focuses on the issue of schoolyard bullying and its consequences. Zhou Dongyu (Us and Them) plays model student Chen Nian, and Yi Yangqianxi (currently seen in variety show Phantacity 2018) costars as phys ed student Bei Ye, an outcast at school who becomes a good friend of the heroine.

Bei Ye helps the timid and introverted Chen Nian build self confidence and overcome her stuttering problem, while Chen Nian helps Bei Ye cope with the death of his father, and encourages him to begin anew. They promise to attend university together in Beijing, though an accident involving Chen Nian and a fellow classmate threatens to turn both their lives upside down.

Xu Yuezhen, who acted as supervisor and executive producer for the emotionally powerful film Dearestwill also be involved in the making of this film.

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