First stills for Chen Kun, Zhou Xun’s upcoming wuxia film

Chen Kun and Zhou Xun are reuniting after 6 years in upcoming wuxia film The Weary Poet** 诗眼倦天涯 (lit.). The film comes from solid director-writer Xu Haofeng, whose credits include The Grandmaster 一代宗师, The Great Protector 镖门 and The Final Master 师父.

Swordsman Wen Sanchun (Zhou Xun) is on the run from assassins, and is saved by wandering hero Ye Motian (Chen Kun). Together, they escape to the armoury, the stronghold of Anda, a Yuan rebel commander and Ye Motian’s foster father.

It is later revealed that Wen Sanchun is a trusted subordinate of the crown prince, and is here to persuade the rebels to surrender. Now a wanted criminal, Ye Motian and Wen Sanchun engage in a deadly struggle.

Chen Kun and Zhou Xun have been my favourite onscreen pairing ever since I saw them in Love Story in Shanghai 像雾像雨又像风, and with talented actress Song Jia also confirmed as a main lead, I can’t think of anything that would make this film a failure.

**The pinyin title Shiyan Juan Tianya comes one of the verses / Sanqu written by Zhang Kejiu, a low-ranking Han official who did not find success in the Yuan Dynasty courts, and devoted the rest of his life to writing verses relating to the natural landscape.

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  1. If they need any extras that can ride horses, talented in speaking languages, talented in singing, have 11 years of theater acting experience I am interested in participating in this film or the next. I am 42, mixted blood, blue eyes, very long messy hair 7.6 foot tall, athletic and trained at beginner level of the Martial Art Abada Capoeira. I live in Melbourne. I will donate any of my dues to the charity called WildAid. My sole objective is to help WildAid and the Power to Go and develop into a person that can embetter the world using my talents and my heart.

  2. I’m really looking forward to the movie. Hope for a German dubbing or at least german subtitles

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