Promo Round-up: The Story of Yanxi Palace

The Story of Yanxi Palace features Consort Ling (Wu Jinyan) as the main character, and revolves around her rise to the top of the harem. Nie Yuan plays the Qianlong Emperor, and Qin Lan, Charmaine Sheh, Wang Yuanke and Zhang Jiani play the main consorts. The 70 episode drama airs tonight, and will release 2 episodes on iQiyi and Youtube every Thursday to Sunday. VIP members get an 8 episode head start.

Update Aug 6th: Thanks to the show’s popularity, iQiyi will now release two episodes every day except Monday.

Extended Synopsis | First teaser

Qin Lan as Empress Fucha

Charmaine Sheh as Step-Empress Ulanara / Consort Xian

Wu Jinyan as Consort Ling

Xu Kai as Fucha Fuheng, Yingluo’s first love

Tan Zhuo as Noble Consort Gao(giya)

Wang Yuanke as Imperial Noble Consort Chun

Zhang Jiani as Concubine Shun

Su Qing as Er Qing, Fuheng’s wife

Lianlian as Noble Lady Yu

Li Chunyuan as Nalan Chunxue, Consort Shu

Wang Guanyi as Hailancha

Jiang Zixin as Mingyu

Pan Shiqi as Concubine Jia / Noble Consort Shujia

Li Ruoning as Lu Wanwan

Hong Yao as Hongzhou, Qianlong’s younger brother

7 thoughts on “Promo Round-up: The Story of Yanxi Palace

  1. So… it’s actually pretty good! I read about it on Weibo and I thought to give it a try. It’s binge watch material so far.

    • I’m all up to date, and am enjoying it a lot so far, warts and all. Love the emperor x empress and smart palace maid x imperial guard set up. Hoping for zero romance between the emperor and Consort Ling later in the series.

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