Records of Nanyan finishes filming, stills

Let’s get down to business, to defeat  –  PETA.

Nearly a month after its lead left for Mulan training,  fantasy romance Records of Nanyan Studio has finally finished filming. Here are the rest of stills released.

This still has more story than every other one for the whole series.

Fantasy romance drama Records of Nanyan Studio (Southern Mist House) stars Liu Yifei (Hanson and the Beast) as Lu Mansheng, a woman who listens to other people’s love stories, and use her scents to give her clients a happy ending in their dreams (aka Republican version of City of Hopeless Love 华胥引)Jing Boran plays her love interest Ye Shen.

Zhao Lixin (Great Expectations) costars as Wei Shen, a seemingly perfect gentleman who is actually a hypocrite. He’ll also have a heartbreaking love story with the main antagonist Yunniang, played by Liu Mintao (Nuts).

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  1. I’ve never watched anything with Liu Yifei, but I might just watch this. I love Republican era dramas. I can accept all manner of OTT shenanigans in that setting. Plus, I’m always just grateful that I don’t live in that sort of turbulence and upheaval. Which is a feel-good element that may not be intended…

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