Li Yitong, Puff Kuo star in adaptation of erotica Bloody Romance

Puffy flowers on dress : fairy-like or five-year-old’s holiday dress?

Based on the erotic novel of the same name, Bloody Romance 媚者无疆 focuses on a group of courtesans who uses their job to double as assassins. I imagine they would have to change it significantly to get it approved for general viewership since China has no ratings system, but the trailer seems to be pretty blunt on what it’ll be about it without any graphics.

The series stars Li Yitong, Puff Kuo, and Liu Mengmeng as the courtesan-assassins and  Wang Duo, Qu Chuxiao, and Li Zifeng as male leads. Teaser below.

8 thoughts on “Li Yitong, Puff Kuo star in adaptation of erotica Bloody Romance

  1. I have been watching it since the airing date. Pretty eye catching I must say. The theme is dark. The costumes and scenery is triggering, satisfying and yet pleasant to the eyes. All the actors and actresses play their roles well despite their young ages. Ah and I loveee Wang Duo. He looks absolutely stunning and completely steal the scene every time he appears. Its worth your try!

    • I agree. Wang Duo needs to do more dramas. He has excellent acting skills and a handsome face. Great presence. .

  2. Those flowers are definitely “5-year old’s party dress”. How do I know? If your ornamentation looks as though it may actually be icing on a supermarket sheet cake, it’s 5-year old’s party dress couture. Not everyone can pull that off.

    • I didn’t read the source novel for Bloody Romance but I’ve realized that book heroines who are actually cunning and ruthless have a much tamer personality in TV adaptations.

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