Time-traveling is messy in Let’s Shake It 2’s first trailer

Future Tang Qingfeng and current Tang Qingfeng have timetravelled back to before they were born to try to kill each other in what they each think will protect Abu.

It seems like only yesterday the drama was announced, but Let’s Shake It 2 : Trouble on Planet Duo 颤抖吧阿部之朵星风云 has already finished filming and apparently most of post-production since it will stream on August 6. On top of saving all of the Tang dynasty by making sure it happens in the timeline, Tang Qingfeng apparently  must also fight off future-himself as future-himself (actually future-future-himself given that he’s already a future-himself in the Sui dynasty) tries to kill him to save Abu.

I’m 100% up for a series of  them just going to a different  dynasty each season.

Here’s the first trailer. The ending is probably my favorite part: 

After Tang Qingfeng wakes up, he finds out he was captured by The Time Keepers for messing up timelines. Abu, Tang Qingfeng, and Duo Meow tries to go back to the the Tang dynasty to make things right again, but accidentally return to the Sui dynasty instead. With the help of the young Tang father, they must now try to fix history or the Tang dynasty will never exist.

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  1. I watched the trailer and realized that the leader of the black hoods sounded oddly like Tang Qingfeng??? And then, the reveal happened, well I could say the show keeps up with its shenanigans 🤣

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