Swords of Legends 2 streams today

How much chemistry will real-life couple Fu Xinbo and Ying’er have?

Ancient Sword/Swords of Legends 2 古剑奇谭2 begins streaming today on Youku here. Like most Youku dramas, it’s not blocked in the US. It’s eight episodes per week for members and one episode per day for free.

Starring Fu Xinbo, Ying’er,   Aarif Rahman, and Jiang Wen the series is loosely based on the video game of the same name and not a  sequel to the first one.  They’re joined by Ken Chang, Dylan Kuo, Zeng Li, Hu Bing, and Shao Bing.

Theme song by Jane Zhang; character posters ; stills ; Trailer below:

3 thoughts on “Swords of Legends 2 streams today

  1. It’s really a wonderful TV series, good, entertaining n well acted. Both ZhiTing, Fu xinbo stands out in their roles. The female roles by Yinger and Jiang Wen are well acted too. Love the beautiful theme song n its lovely lyrics. 很期待, 真的很好看一部电视剧。

  2. Thanks so much for this info, I saw the first 9 episodes, I really like Fu Xinbo & Ying’er in their modern drama & reality show, they had great chemistry there, they also have great chemistry here, 2nd main girl Jiang Wen’s face is a bit chubby, especially since Fu Xinbo/Ying’er/Aarif all seem relatively thinner than her (sorry I’m so shallow, lol), but I still like all 4 of them, Jiang Wen seems to have decent chemistry with Aarif. The plot is a bit slow in the beginning, but in later episodes pacing seems to have picked up. But I’m a big xinxia fan & a big Fu Xinbo/Ying’er fan, that’s why I like this a lot, lol

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