Guardian now available on Youtube with English subtitles

That sexual tension tho

The most popular drama not on Youtube of late, borderline-supernatural borderline-boy love drama Guardian is finally on Youtube here.  The drama’s cases are a bit too lacking for me, but the leads are very shippable and I’m just happy that it means wide recognition for  Zhu Yilong.

“The first time I saw him, it’s as if I had known him forever.”

3 thoughts on “Guardian now available on Youtube with English subtitles

  1. I’m loving this series so far. The story is fast paced and interesting. The premise is a bit weird thought but it is a nice change from the usual dramas we are getting in C-drama land these days. Bai Yu and Zhu Yilong are carrying the entire drama with their awesome acting and chemistry (everyone else in the drama are kind of uninteresting supporting characters that occasionally have a little bit of air time for character development).

    I’m surprised this got through SARFT, the borderline boy love is not really borderline to me. The main leads are so shippable and basically in the territory of ‘confirmed couple’. Of course it is not explicit but it’s pretty obvious (that, or my head is in the gutter). Original novel was BL.

    • SARFT is weird like that. They’re okay with high school romance as long as they don’t officially date until after graduation.

      The supporting cast weren’t standouts but I thought they were passing, but the non-regular leads of each case were distractingly bad even for a low-budget net series. It felt like they were given no directions on how to act.

  2. Hope to hear more opinions from viewers on this drama. How is Bai Yu’s acting in general? Last time I watched Bai Yu was in Memory Lost and I didn’t finish ML. The leads are too idol-like to have jobs. Yang Rong’s outfits are flashy but non-cop, non-detective like. More like bedroom role-playing outfits. Production values and script logic were mediocre at best. ML should have been shot as the MV for a love song.
    Saw Bai Yu in Grow Up and Love020. His co-stars were more memorable than him. I wonder if there’s a drama where his acting is a bit less bland.

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