Photoshoot Round-up: Still Blooming


I guess flower season is still not over, for here’s another slew of photoshoots featuring flowers either in gardens or nature.

Li Bingbing, Huang Xuan by Luo Yang

Chen Man, Zhong Chuxi, Chen Li for Jo Malone

Yang Mi by Li Qi

Song Qian for Chanel

Ouyang Nana for Chanel


Liu Shishi for Chanel (in case you’re wondering, they all went to France for Chanel)

3 thoughts on “Photoshoot Round-up: Still Blooming

  1. Interesting to hear about the shooting location. For the most part, the shooting location doesn’t show too much or have that huge of an impact. I just recognize Paris’ Place de la Concorde in OY Nana’s pic. They sometimes do fashion shows in that area. Tourists who appear like C tourists need to be careful visiting EU.Incidents range from armed robberies with tear gas in buses and hotels, to harassment (phrases like “Chinkies” etc) in multiple major EU cities. There had been rock-throwing too.

    • LBB is another actress who had facial surgery for the v-shaped face regarded as the beauty standard. In some photos she also resembles FBB.

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