Director Jiang Wen is back with Hidden Man Eddie Peng

Hidden Man 邪不压正 is Jiang Wen’s sixth directorial feature, and stars Eddie Peng (Our Time Will Come) as a fighter who is intent on avenging his master’s death.

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Early 1920s, Beijing. A young Li Tianran (Eddie Peng) witnesses the death of his master’s family at the hands of his older disciple brother Zhu Qianlong (Liao Fan) and a Japanese agent. He is saved and taken to the US by a doctor, and undergoes training to become a spy.

In 1937, Li Tianran returns to China, and gets embroiled in a conspiracy that ultimately leads to the Marco Polo Bridge Incident, and the second Sino-Japanese war. With the help of seamstress Guan Qiaohong (Zhou Yun), Li Tianran gets closer to the truth behind the murder plot.

Xu Qing (The Hidden Sword) plays a socialite, while Jiang Wen costars as Lan Qingfeng, a mysterious Qing Dynasty swordsman. This film is the final chapter in the Bullets trilogy, and will premiere on July 13th.

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