Gratuitous shirtless scenes from Fuyao

Sometimes I wonder if the reason I haven’t found my true love yet is because I’m too nice to drag people in the pool with me when I fall.

The Legend of Fuyao has already aired. Here are some stills from last week’s main romantic events, aka the accidentally walking into your otp’s bathroom/bedroom scene.

I haven’t gotten this far yet since the plot kind of simmers down after the Triwizard Tournament, but I can at least vouch for that part. The costumes are pretty,   the CGI  solid, the plot interesting, and Yang Mi’s really cute in it.

2 thoughts on “Gratuitous shirtless scenes from Fuyao

  1. I think Ethan’s pretty hot here, mostly because he gets a lot of great, teasing, UST scenes with Yang Mi… flirtation with a hint of simmering power underneath and dash of danger on top. Delicious! Plus the angst is just starting. Fuyao’s crowning moment was when she thrashed her ShiXiong in the tournament, but since then she’s been on the damsel-in-distress streak, so I’m a little down on her character at the moment but hope that she gets over it and goes back to ass-kicking goodness.

  2. I’m ungrateful though. Don’t find him all that hot. He is very handsome and cute but he lacks charisma and onscreen infinity.

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