Wang Yuan, Ouyang Nana star in xianxia drama The Great Lord


Eighteen-year-olds Wang Yuan and Ouyang Nana will make their ancient drama leading debut in the latest xianxia drama The Great Lord 大主宰, which just released character posters.

They’re joined by Xu Hao, fomerly of RTA, in his first drama role and Luo Mingjie of cult film Our Shining Days fame.  Based on the book of the same name by Tianchantudou 天蚕土豆 ( Fights Break Spheres), this follows every xianxia plot of a protagonist who learns magic/martial arts through a series of accidents, dates someone who is either royalty or a god (in this case it’s both),  and must now save the world.

Petition for more outlandish Wei/Jin dynasty hairstyles in fantasy dramas.

Why do bird fairies always have feathers even in human form but snake fairies never have scales.

RTA’s Xu Hao! He still looks like a baby.

Wang Yiting looks just like Jiang Yiyi here.

Zhang Chenghang   looks like Jiang Jinfu.

Despite the popularity of these broken necklaces in this drama, I can confirm they almost never stay in the right place.


Ouyang Nana’s costumes and styling in this drama are all super pretty.

2 thoughts on “Wang Yuan, Ouyang Nana star in xianxia drama The Great Lord

  1. I’ll be completely honest in a shallow sort of way. Will check this out purely bc Ouyang Nana is incredibly pretty, super cute, and has a great personality. Also willing to admit that as of Yes! Mr. Fashion (which also had a terrible male lead and bad acting and bad script), Ouyang Nana is a pretty terrible, mediocre at best actress. She was alright in Secret, and never watched her other stuff, but yeah…I’m here purely for her pretty.

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