Prison break action flick or inspirational female educational-attainment film? Either way, it’ll probably end up being mostly a romance.

In what looks like Prison Break meets Orange is the New Black,  Ju Jingyi, Aaron Yan, Zhang Yuxi, Han Dong, and  Merxat star in Republican-era  Please Give Me a Pair of Wings 请赐我一双翅膀.  There are two versions of the plot, both from very official sources, so I’m not sure which one is real, but one that the Baidu Baike and the trailer seem  to suggest the series features the female lead hanging out and eventually teaming up with other prisoners to break out of jail after being accused of murder while her friends try to clear her name from the outside.

Trailer, alternate plot,  and lots of stills below

Here’s the official SARFT entry:

Heiress Leng Nianzhi (Zhang Yuxi) had just returned abroad with plans to establish a women’s school to give women the knowledge to control their own fate. With the help of orphan Lin Jiuge (Ju Jingyi) and police officer Long Tianyu (Aaron Yan), the three try to show the world the importance of empowering women through education. They’re set back by Leng Nianzhi’s brother, Leng Liwei (Han Dong), who tries to sabotage the school using his government position. There’s also a clear love triangle or rectangle involved.

Would watch a Republican-era Orange is the New Black.

Zhang Yuxi clearly getting the better outfits here.


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