Victoria Song, Ou Hao, Danson Tang star in The Moon Knows Not My Heart

 I just hope this film airs before the real estate bubble in China pops or it’s going to be really awkward.

Coming off what I feel like was the best idol drama of the year so far,  His Excelleny’s First Love /Moonshine and Valentine, Victoria Song is filming her next series with Ou Hao and Danson Tang.  The Moon Knows Not My Heart 山月不知心底事, based off the book of the same name by  Xin Yiwu (So Young, Never Gone,  is once more an extended love triangle spanning from school days to the work place.   The synopsis is very spoilery so I’m not going to translate it, but just get that the focus will either be on her journey from a poor girl to a top real estate tycoon, or a love triangle between two rich brothers and a poor girl.

8 thoughts on “Victoria Song, Ou Hao, Danson Tang star in The Moon Knows Not My Heart

  1. I have mildly high hopes only cuz Victoria’s acting has improved an insane amount between like, pre-His Excellency and post-His Excellency. Pre was like, I really hated her acting (not her, her acting) and I thought she ranked as pretty low down, if not one of the worst actresses who were weirdly insanely popular. Post is like, wow she’s totally decent now, and while I didn’t think her character was deep enough to showcase skill or whatnot, but wow she was really natural while acting. Actually I thought she was the most natural actor in the whole series (except for the Zhao Song, cuz while an ass, I thought Zhao Song was a compelling ass).

    • Same. I used to consider her acting to be horrible even by mediocre idol drama standards, but I thought she improved tremendously in His Excellency. I probably wouldn’t go so far to say she’s a good actress yet, but it was definitely sufficient for the level of acting her character required.

      Hopefully it might also signal she might have better tastes in picking scripts.

  2. Well I read the detailed summary and I just want to spit out profanities for the male lead. I hope Ou Hao gets to play a swoon-worthy guy in his next modern drama.

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