Let’s Shake It 2 finishes filming, set for summer release

I’m glad it’s still embracing all its weirdness .

Let’s Shake It 2 颤抖吧阿部之朵星风云 has already finished filming despite only having news of it being filmed two weeks ago, and is set to be released Summer 2018 (yes, this summer).   The series brings back An Yuexi and Zheng Yecheng and that’s pretty much of the main leads because they’ve timetravelled to a new time period when the leads’ dad was still a young man. I love that this series actually has fun with the possibilities of its scifi background.

Synopsis and stills below.

Give us back our Mickey ears!

After Tang Qingfeng wakes up, he finds out he was captured by The Time Keepers for messing up timelines. Abu, Tang Qingfeng, and Duo Meow tries to go back to the the Tang dynasty to make things right again, but accidentally return to the Sui dynasty instead. With the help of the young Tang father, they must now try to fix history or the Tang dynasty will never exist.

Let’s Shake It shows you timetravel done right.

Bisexual  alien in cat/human form Duo Meow is back, this time with an afro.

Su Hang as the young version of Tang Qingfeng’s adopted dad.

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