Sniffling Wan Qian is so pretty

This screencap almost looks like an oil painting.

This set of screencaps of Wan Qian sniffling in Lost in 1949 is so cute, I want to give her a big hug. She looks like she came out of an oil painting.

The series has a really slow, low-stakes plot and I ended up quitting a few episodes through, but started rewatching after I saw these screencaps.  Wan Qian nails her character, a timid, simple woman who wants to avoid trouble, but at the same time wants to help her deceased husband’s cause. She doesn’t have big visions of the future or speak in slogans, but just wants to do what she can to help those around her. Chen Kun’s characters were a bit exaggerated earlier on but both have grown on me.   Plus, the three leads now have great chemistry, and now I’m struggling between which Qiao brother I ship more with Wan Qian’s character.

2 thoughts on “Sniffling Wan Qian is so pretty

  1. I fell in love with Wang Qian’s character in “Secret of Three Kingdoms,” so I went on to watch “Lost in 1949.” Although I love her performance in this drama too, alas, Republican spy genre is just not for me.

    • If you like Wan Qian, I highly recommend her in pretty much everything. I first fell in love with her in 柳如是,which to this day remains one of my favorite aesthetics for the Ming dynasty. If you like her in rom coms, she’s adorable in her subplots in 小儿难养 as a spunky tattoo artist who adopts a girl she found on the street (and then eventually adopts her dad XD) , in 花非花雾非雾 as a Cinderella trope, and in 我家有喜 as a kind of uptight army instructor who ends up having to find a second career.
      She’s also great in most of her recent dramas, but I don’t recommend their cuts because her subplot isn’t as independent and imo her sparring partners dropped the ball.

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