Name those eyes : Chinese stars version

Try and guess these stars from the Eye of the Beholder video. What level of a fensi/fan are you?

Level 1 : Entry C-fensi 

Yang Mi

AngelababyBai BaiheLiu Shishi

Level 1 Answers:   Yang Mi, Angelababy, Bai Baihe, Liu Shishi

Level 2: Seasoned C-fensi

Li Bingbing
Ma Sichun
Janine Chang
Song Qian

Ouyang Nana

Seriously you can see her face.

Level 2 Answers: Li Bingbing, Ma Sichun, Janine Chang, Song Qian, Ouyang Nana

Level 3: Super C-fensi!
Zhang Bichen
Zhou Bichang

Xi Mengyao
Ju Xiaowen

Level 3 Answers: Zhang Bichen, Zhou Bichang, Xi Mengyao, Ju Xiaowen

Level 4:  More of a C-fensi than Cfensi 

Zhao Lei

Xin ZhileiLi Meng
Song Zuer

Level 4 answers: Tan Zhuo, Xin Zhilei, Li Meng, Song Zu’er

Bonus Men’s round

William Chan

Huang Xuan Ethan Ruan Zhai Tianlin

Jing Boran

Men’s Round Answers: William Chan,Huang Xuan, Ethan Ruan, Zhai Tianlin, Jing Boran

9 thoughts on “Name those eyes : Chinese stars version

  1. For Men’s Round. William Chan comes first then Huang Xuan second. The first and second answer needs to be switched.

  2. Now I finally understand why in Ancient Chinese drama land when somebody cover their face like a ninja with only eyes open, people cannot tell each other.

    My guess, first one got to be Yang Mi but still a guess. Liu Wen has really really distinguishing eyes, apart from her, I cannot tell anybody else. I don’t know many actors too I guess.

    • I didn’t recognize anyone in group 4, so you’re doing better than me. I thought XZL’s eyes were from Krystal of f(x), and Tan Zhuo was Tan Jing…

      Jing Boran and Yang Mi’s eyes were my favorites based on these gif’s. Both were really pretty but also super distinct.

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