Would buy if this was an album cover.

Chen Man works her magic once more on the girls of Produce 101 in this punk wuxia qipao photoshoot. Someone needs to make a girlband with this aesthetic because it’s 101% better than the pink Victorian nursery aesthetic of Produce 101.

Li Ziting with the wind in her hair
Zhang Zining looks like she’s doing a Sailor Moon cosplay.
Meng Meiqi got the second coolest outfit but the worst photo.
Lai Meiyun clearly got the best qipao.
Wang Ju (ju = chrysanthemum)  is not wearing chrysanthemum. Negative points.
Sunnee got the qipao-armor crossover.
Yang Chaoyue
Wu Xuanyi
Duan Aojuan
Does Yamy’s qipao have frills because that’s a first?
Gao Qiuzi is the happiest of the group.
I couldn’t tell if these are from Produce 101 or Chen Man’s Studio 6, but it’s a cool photo so here it is.

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