Like a Flowing River releases stills, casts Jin Chen as female lead

I don’t think this was in the book, so taking bets now on if Song Yunhui wrote anything on that paper airplane.  

I didn’t think it would be possible to cast people more like a character than the book portrayals, but here we are with  Like a Flowing River 大江大河. Wang Kai, Zhou Fang, Yang Shuo and Dong Zijuan actually have the perfect qualities to fill out what I think are inconsistencies in the characters in the books (Tong Yao’s character is already perfect).  

My only concern is Jin Chen. Imo she’s  the actress who has the most on-screen chemistry with Wang Kai, but her character was so unrealistically perfect and unlikeable that she would need a major overhaul to work. I will likely be rooting for Zhou Fang’s character.

80’s fashion making China rethink its decision to open  doors.

Song Yunhui (Wang Kai). Ambitious and starved for knowledge, Song Yunhui  is never satisfied with the status quo, a trait that both helps him in his career and creates stumbling blocks in his marriage. He represents the slowly privatization of the public sector.

Lei Dongbao (Yang Shuo) and co. privatizing land and mapping out the future. Through him, we see the rapid growths of the villages. He is defined by his brashness and risk-taking.

Yang Xun (Dong Zijian) represents the private entrepreneur. Smart and sneaky, he builds his company in between public countries and foreign investment. He often skirts the law to his benefit and sometimes his detriment.

Jin Chen as Liang Sishen, whose business line represents foreign investment. I think the grown-up her is in America for most of Season 1.

My dearest Zhou Fang is finally getting a lead (ish) role!!!!  #TeamChengKaiyan

Seriously look at how cute she is. How can anyone find her annoying. cc/Song Yunhui

Tong Yao as the Song sister who dreams of knowledge but sacrifices her opportunities for her brother.   he ends up starting her own business selling rabbit wool and marries Yang Shuo’s character.

Tong Yao’s character is every bit as perfect as she was in the trailer.

Lian Lian as Wei Hongchun, a self-made businesswoman who’s better than all the men in the series.

Song Yunhui at college.


The night before graduation.

Factory worker Song Yunhui

7 thoughts on “Like a Flowing River releases stills, casts Jin Chen as female lead

  1. Thanks for the stills and updates.

    Do you know if they’re still planning on releasing this in 2 parts? Last I read they were and that part 1 would be 45 episodes while part 2 is still to be determined.Either way, i’m highly anticipating.

    • Yes. They’re finishing filming part 1 soon. Jin Chen has already finished filming and I’m pretty sure all her scenes consists of her calling the male lead or writing letters to him. They’re filming part 2 next year.

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