Promo Round-up: Legend of Fuyao

If there is no way out, then draw your sword” – Meng Fuyao

In Legend of Fuyao, Yang Mi is the independent and kick-ass female lead who never backs down even if the world is against her. She embarks on an adventure to protect the lands, reclaim her identity as a royal of the Xuanji line and defeat the ruler of the Firmament. Ethan Ruan plays her protector and love interest Zhangsun Wuji.

The 66 episode drama airs 2 episodes every Monday-Thursday evening beginning tonight (Viki).

Ending theme: Love is Hard to Find by Lala Hsu

BTS: Art Direction, Costuming, Action Choreography

Fuyao 扶摇 by Karen Mok
A Dream of Glory 繁华梦 by Huang Ling
Window 窗 by Wu Qingfeng

The leads with their little sidekick Yuanbao:

5 thoughts on “Promo Round-up: Legend of Fuyao

  1. Watched up to ep 6. So far the first six eps are pretty well-made. Good mix of funny, cute, romantic, politics. Nice pacing, decent acting, one of the best CGI’s for a drama in a while.

    The plot is like a combination of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and Laughing in the Wind. I heard the goblet of fire is original to the drama and not in the book, what about the Laughing in the Wind set-up? So far, Yang Mi is basically Linghu Chong, Huang Ming Yue Lingshan but with the personality of Lin Pingzhi, and his dad Yue Buqun. At one point knock-off Yue Buqun even talks about 笑傲五州 lol.

    Yang Mi is pretty cute. Huang Ming does his character well. Li Yixiao has been bad in everything I’ve seen her in. Haven’t figured out what the male lead’s character is so can’t say much about his acting.

    Also, I love the costume design for this. It’s also very flattering on their bodies, looks like the fabrics are actually comfortable and not cheap, and is relatively simple but not overly ornate.

  2. Someone should teach actors not to lock out their elbows when posing with swords and things. Especially people with hyperextended elbows. Still, it would be more work than it’s worth to unlearn that habit, I suppose.

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