Some stills from upcoming dramas, including The Legend of Fuyao, Records from Nanyan Studios, Handsome Siblings,  King of Blaze, The Patriot, An Oriental Odyssey, One and Another Him, and My Classmate from Far, Far Away. 

Liu Yifei, Jing Boran, and Wei Daxun in Records from Nanyan Studio, which just finished filming.

Hu Yitian and Chen Zheyuan in Handsome Siblings, which is still filming:

Jing Tian, Chen Bolin and Lai Yumeng in King of Blaze:

Wu Qian and Zheng Yecheng in An Oriental Odyssey 盛唐幻夜, which will 100% be online only so it could be released any day:

Yang Mi, Ethan Ruan, Gao Weiguang stills for Legend of Fuyao, which airs on the 18th. There’ll be more stills up in its round-up.

The Patriot, which aired last week but has super pretty stills. The drama is super pretentious and didactic, though, not recommended.

Xiong Ziqi, Zhang Zifeng in  One and Another Him, which will probably drop unexpectedly any day.

Li Gengxi and Zhu Zhiling in My Classmate from Far, Far Away aired season 2 on the 14th:

Finally, here’s a flashback to Liu Yifei as the cutest XiaoLongNv in Return of the Condor Heroes:

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  1. Thank you for the warning for the Patriot. After watching the trailer and a few minutes of the first episode, I already started getting this uncomfortable vibe like I was getting lectured at. Good to hear your opinion before investing more time into the drama. It’s unfortunate as I like both Zhang Luyi and Tong Liya.

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